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INNOVA, the new valve family

Discover the new family of pneumatically actuated single and double seat valves

Pumps with new surface finish

INOXPA announces the launch of the pumps with the new matt finish


New developments were essential in what was an already saturated market

The group known today as INOXPA found its roots in an old water pump factory in Carrer  Girona,  Banyoles, almost four decades ago (1972). Originally called Bombas Félez, it was the company´s general manager and alma mater, Candi Granés, who steered the business towards specialising in the manufacture of stainless steel pumps for the food-processing industry. It wasn’t a new product concept, so new developments were essential in what was an already saturated market.

A few years later, conditions of uncertainty and the desire for success drove the company to expand its product range and even to diversify its activities beyond the food-processing sector. New companies were created, such as Candigra for the manufacture of valves and stainless steel fittings; Forja La Farga for  stainless steel castings; Wine Pump for the manufacture of pumps for processing wine and oil; and Candipharm for the manufacture of products for the pharmaceutical sector. This diversificationfinallyresulted in the creation of one large group of companies, called INOXPA, specialising in the management of processes and services for four industrial sectors: food-processing, wine, cosmetics and pharmaceutical.

In 1980, INOXPA opened a branch in Perpignan, France, which was its first branch outside of Spain. This marked the beginning of the company´s internationalisation process which has continued over the last 15 years, with the establishment of a hundred distribution points around the world. The company´s central distribution point remained in Banyoles, in the heart of the Pla de l’Estany region, until 1987, when continuous growth led to the construction of the current facilities which are considerably more spacious and modern. 


1972 – Candi Granés founds INOXPA from the parent company Bombas Félez, which manufactured water pumps.

1976 – The company incorporates new models and creates new companies, such as Candigra. Years later, Wine Pumps and Candipharm are established, concentrating on the wine and pharmaceutical sectors, respectively.

1980 – INOXPA opens its first international office in Perpignan, France.

1986- Opening of a sales office in Italy. Later on, sales offices were opened in Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, South Africa, United States, Russia, Algeria and Australia.

1987 – Relocation to the current facilities at the La Farga industrial estate in Banyoles.

1996 – Opening of a sales office in Portugal.

1998 - Opening of sales offices in Denmark and South Africa.

2004 - Opening of a sales office in the United States.

2006 – Opening of a production and technical engineering centre in Paris, France (for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries). Opening of a sales office in Russia.

2007 – Restructuring and merging of the group by creating the company Inoxpa S.A. Opening of the Danish/Swedish technical engineering centre (for the food processing industry).

2008 – Opening of a production centre in Portugal and of sales offices in Algeria and Australia.

2010 – Opening of production centres in China and India. INOXPA wins the Prince Felipe Award for Business Competitiveness in the small and medium sized company category and is a finalist in the internationalisation category. In the same year, Inoxpa also wins the Banyolí de l'Any award for best business initiative.

2011 – A division dedicated exclusively to dairy processes is inaugurated (Inoxpa IDS).

2012 – Opening of a sales office in Ukraine.

2013 – Establishment of INOXPA Colombia and INOXPA Middle East (UAE). Establishment of a company in Russia for selling components (Starinox). INOXPA wins the 2013 National Prize for Innovation and Design awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

2014 – INOXPA wins the CEPYME Prize in the category "Small and medium-sized business of the year" and is a finalist in the category "Small and medium-sized international business".

Start-up of the online sales portal (B2B).

2015 – Opening of a production centre in India (Candigra).

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