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INNOVA, the new valve family

Discover the new family of pneumatically actuated single and double seat valves

Pumps with new surface finish

INOXPA announces the launch of the pumps with the new matt finish


INOXPA has centres distributed all around the world, affording the company great flexibility

The heart of the company can be found in 15,000 square meters of buildings located in the industrial park in the south of Banyoles, capital of the Pla de l’Estany. With its favourable geographical location placing it in close proximity to Girona, Barcelona, and the French border, the company benefits from a network of strategic connections linking the Girona-Costa Brava and El Prat airports to the Port of Barcelona. Furthermore, this network will expand in the coming years with the construction of the AVE high-speed train.

INOXPA has centres distributed all around the world, affording the company great flexibility. The brain and the heart of the machinery are situated mainly in Banyoles, while other centres manufacture, assemble, and produce solutions where value is added. In addition, other centres manufacture other basic components, thus applying an economy of scale where everyone has a specific and essential role in the overall process.  This helps to establish synergies which, in turn, balance the price-quality relationship and allow the group to enter into high-potential emerging markets. This coordination with other countries, in addition to providing more competitive prices, allows the Banyoles headquarters to dedicate more time and resources to innovation, a factor which differentiates INOXPA from its competitors.

Most of INOXPA´s growth has been based in Europe, particularly in the Mediterranean area. Its industrial presence includes a centre in Chambly in the north of France. The Chambly centre is dedicated to the production of machinery for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, thesector for which France represents the European benchmark. The associated high costs meant that part of the production had to be moved to Vale de Cambra (Portugal), an area which was originally exclusively dedicated to the food-processing sector. INOXPA´s conceptual design and search for solutions are activities centred, therefore, in France (cosmetics and pharmaceutical sector), Valencia (food-processing), Germany (wine) and Barberà del Vallès (standardisation of solutions) as well as the headquarters in Banyoles. 

In order to strengthen the Group´s brand image and reinforce its presence in emerging markets, INOXPA has established production plants in Pune (south-west India) and Jiaxing (near Shanghai, in China). These locations represent two of the economies with the highest growth potential and ability to attract investment and this, therefore, is INOXPA´s first step into this market where the company´s products with the highest added value could potentially sell very well. Requiring an investment of approximately 6 million euros, the centres will provide work for 150 employees, mainly for the manufacture of basic catalogue components. INOXPA intends to position itself favourably in these market zones, which are renowned for their dynamism and production capacity, and which are fundamental to the development of the company activity. Management of all activities will be controlled and monitored directly from the Banyoles headquarters, with special emphasis placed on controlling the quality of raw materials and on the industrial process, in line with the established company framework.

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