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INNOVA, the new valve family

Discover the new family of pneumatically actuated single and double seat valves

Pumps with new surface finish

INOXPA announces the launch of the pumps with the new matt finish


BLENDER SKIDS, Technology and evolution

INOXPA is today an internationally recognized brand, renowned for the manufacture and sale of components, skids and comprehensive solutions for hygienic processes.

Already more than forty years have passed since the company was founded in 1972, an entrepreneurial venture which would evolve from manufacturing pumps for the food-processing sector to offering a wide range of products such as blender/agitator systems, valves, filters and automation engineering for the treatment of liquids.

A lot has changed during this period of time but INOXPA’s commitment towards research and development has not, on the contrary, its commitment to quality and a clear, strategic vision have been the drivers of a technological evolution of equipment adapted to current market demands.

Today, with this special issue, we offer you the opportunity to learn more about the technical features of one of our key products: the horizontal blender.
We will demonstrate several practical examples of the applications of this unit which is part of our range of blenders, along with actual cases of installations in different industry sectors and countries, as well as the personal and professional experiences of the General Manager of the South African branch, Bruce Hazewindus.

Range of Standard Blenders
Over the years, INOXPA has developed a variety of blender designs. These are divided into two large groups:VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL blenders. In this case we will focus on the horizontal blenders.In contrast to the vertical blenders, the main component of these blenders is an unmodified standard centrifugal pump. The pump incorporates a venturi system on the suction side. This is no more... >>

Test Bench
INOXPA has been able to carry out a number of different tests on its blenders; some of them have taken place in the field or in collaboration with the customer, and have allowed us to acquire a better knowledge of our systems, as well as gaining further experience in their setup. Some other tests have been carried out in pharmaceutical plants, where... >>

PHARMACEUTICAL application Nº1

End user in ITALY

1 MM260/4110 table blender skid with pharmaceutical finish <Ra0.5, fully soundproofed, with stainless steel electrical panel and pneumatic panel for power, pneumatic valves with C-TOP, double pneumatic vibrator and a minimum level sensor, FAT, SAT, IQ-OQ. Additional SLR 3-80 rotary lobe pump. Application: Preparation of MAALOX® (ALMAX®) with a... >>

PHARMACEUTICAL application Nº2

End user in COLOMBIA

5 automatic MM200 table blender skids with pharmaceutical finish<Ra0.5, S20 centrifugal pump and SLR 3-50 positive displacement pump.3 automatic table blender skids with pharmaceutical finish <Ra0.5, S20 centrifugal pump, SLR 3-50 positive displacement pump, and EExdIIBT4 motors.2 ME 4105 EExdIIBT4 in-line mixers on trolley for quick connection to... >>


End user in ITALIA

1 M20C table blender skid, consisting of an electrical panel, safety cover, pneumatic vibrator, pneumatic valve with C-TOP, and minimum level sensor, <Ra0.5 finish. Application:Preparation of a pharmaceutical solution of purified water with 3.42% silica powder for an ophthalmic product. Operation:Table blender installed in a production room next to a tank with... >>

PHARMACEUTICAL application Nº3

End user in UKRAINE

1 manual blender skid with M-120 vertical Triblender, with S20 centrifugal pump, SLR 0-25 rotary lobe pump, and separate static mixer + KVB progressive cavity pump. Application:Preparation of sugar syrup with liquorice flavours for the pharmaceutical industry. Operation: The blender skid is installed next to a tank with product recirculation. The tank has... >>

COSMETICS application

End user in ITALY

1 MM260/4110 table blender skid with in-line mixer, consisting of an electrical panel, safety grid, pneumatic vibrator, pneumatic valve with C-TOP, and minimum level sensor.In addition, the system includes a TLS 3-81 rotary lobe pump for feeding the table blender. Application:Preparation of shampoo and shower gel, non-foaming detergents, a mixture of... >>

Pectin Blenders, INOXPA South Africa
In the preparation of many food products, like Fruit Juice in particular, ingredients like pectin, CMC, guar gums are required.These are generally very difficult to introduce into the liquids as they form “dry” lumps very easily fast.These bubbles of pectin tend to then float on the surface inside the tank and then never mix into the... >>

Bruce Hazewindus, managing director of INOXPA South Africa.
The sales office of INOXPA in South Africa stands out thanks to its experience in sales of table blenders and small to medium size projects. Today we are interviewing the Managing Director, Bruce Hazewindus, who describes the sales strategy and how they adapt the skids to the special requirements of the country. Mr Hazewindus, the “New” INOXPA South Africa... >>

India International Dairy Expo 2013

14/03/2013 - 16/03/2013 Pavilion 5 Stand C17

India is the largest milk producer in the world and also the largest consumer of dairy products. This event is designed to present the latest technologies, products and services in the dairy industry. It was a huge success thanks to the large number of participants from around the world.INOXPA was also present with a 66 m2 stand, where our extensive... >>


25/02/2013 - 28/02/2013 Pavilion SSH1. Stand S-F26

Held in Dubai at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center, Gulfood is the Middle East’s leading dedicated exhibition for the food and hospitality sectors. Its first edition was in 1987, and it is aimed exclusively at a professional audience.GULFOOD 2013 attracted international visitors from all over the Middle East, Northern and... >>

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