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Damià López, new General Manager

The Board of Directors of INOXPA GROUP wishes to inform you that Mr. Damià López has been appointed General Manager

Gas Adjustment System WineBrane

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The WineBrane is an inline management system, designed by INOXPA, for accurately measuring dissolved gas concentrations and alcohol removal or adjustment in wine. The gas management system includes the whole spectrum of removal and addition of gas. This includes O2 and CO2 removal in young red wines, the deoxygenation just before bottling or stocking for vinification, refreshing of white and rosé wines with CO2 during bottling or the production of perlé wines. This system can either be installed before a bottling line to adjust gas concentrations of finished wine or between tanks for the transfer to storage tanks. Alcohol adjustment is made by recirculation in a tank with counter flow of water on the other side of the membrane. It is possible to install the WineBrane unit, for an independent and safe operation, before a pressurised tank that feeds an isobaric bottling machine.

Operating principle

The main component of this skid is a hydrophobic membrane which contains small pores that allow gaseous molecules to pass. Only gases with low molecular weight can pass through the barrier thus the structural properties of the wine remain unchanged avoiding the loss of aromatic components. The wine flows in the outer shell side of hollow fiber membranes where as in the lumen side, a vacuum or CO2 as a sweep gas, is applied for removal of O2. To directly dissolve gas into the wine CO2 flows with an overpressure of 0.2 – 0.5 bar and if desired can be added up to the limit of solubility.

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