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Production of Clay Facial Mask

production-of-clay-facial-mask A clay facial mask is a dermocosmetic product used to remove impurities from the skin. The difference between... >>

Production of Shower Soap

production-of-shower-soap The main function of shower soap is to clean the body by removing dirt caused by pollution as well as dead skin cells.... >>

Production of Toothpaste

production-of-toothpaste Toothpaste is used for cleaning and removing stains from teeth, freshen breath and remove dental plaque. The... >>

Production of Deodorant

production-of-deodorant The function of deodorants is to act on body odour and sweating. Deodorants... >>

Cream Production

cream-production Creams can be divided into two main groups depending on their use — pharmaceutical and cosmetic/industrial.The... >>

Mixing of Products in the Liquid or Viscous Phase

mixing-of-products-in-the-liquid-or-viscous-phase Mixtures can include natural or synthetic products, or chemicals. This versatility provides a wealth of... >>

Highly Viscous Pharmaceutical Products

highly-viscous-pharmaceutical-products Emulsion of two different phases is usually used for the production of highly viscous pharmaceutical products such as... >>

Loop of Purified Water (PW) and Water for Injections (WFI)

loop-of-purified-water-pw-and-water-for-injections-wfi The use of purified water (PW) and water for injection (WFI) in the production processes is very common in the... >>

Production of Suppositories

production-of-suppositories Basic products: Active ingredient (liquid or powder)Different types of oils and glycerineTemperature: Homogenisation... >>

Production of Pharmaceutical Syrups

production-of-pharmaceutical-syrups Pharmaceutical syrups are produced by mixing purified water, sweeteners, active ingredients (API), aromas, flavours... >>

Mixing of Products in Powder Form: Rapi-Mix Blender

mixing-of-products-in-powder-form-rapi-mix-blender The process of mixing two or more solid products, with or without the addition of liquids, can be performed... >>

Mixing of Products in Powder Form:“V”-Type Blender

mixing-of-products-in-powder-form-“v”-type-blender The process of mixing two or more solid products, with or without the addition of liquids, can be performed in... >>
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