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Case studies: Food Processing Industry

Gel mixing
Food Processing Industry

Customer in the meat and spice industry, South Africa. Application Gel mixing.  Description The system comprises of two 300 L tanks, one mixing and one vacuum tank. The mixing tank is...  >>

Production of confectionery flavours
Food Processing Industry

Customer     Confectionery flavour manufacturer. Description Four 2000 L double-wall tanks, an anchor-type agitator with scrapers; an M440 blender equipped with powder recovery...  >>

Skid for preparation of cold sauce
Food Processing Industry

Client One of the world leaders in the food industry.  Description Skid for preparation of cold sauce. The upper tank is designed for storage of the powder and it is supplied with an...  >>

Manifold for brine
Food Processing Industry

CustomerA well-known Spanish foodstuff producer ApplicationDistribution of the brine, used in the processes of sausage production, from the production lines to the storage...  >>

Automated pasteurizers for liquid candy
Food Processing Industry

CustomerOne of the leading companies of the sector in South America ApplicationThree automated pasteurisers - type HTST (High Temperature Short Time) - have been designed for heat treatment of...  >>

Manifolds for acacia gum
Food Processing Industry

Customer        A French producer of natural ingredients. Application      Acacia gum. This natural polysaccharide is widely used in the...  >>

Membrane filtration skid
Food Processing Industry

This membrane filtration skid has been designed by ECOFLOW, a partnership between TECNICAL (which designs and manufactures equipment for the cheese-making industry), ECOGEST (develops and...  >>

Mixing skid for oat
Food Processing Industry

Customer The skid has been designed for a Russian producer of oat-based beverages and probiotic food products. Application Production of oat-based beverages. Description The skid is designed...  >>

Melting, preparation and dosing of chocolate
Food Processing Industry

Customer The customer is a multinational company, producer of food products.   Application INOXPA designed and assembled a whole line for melting, preparation and dosing of chocolate to...  >>