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One of the leading pharmceutical companies.

Preparation of pharmaceutical gels with active ingredients,viscosity 2000 cps. 

INOXPA has manufactured, for an Italian customer, the first two units of the structured skids with counter-rotating agitators.  

The production volume of both skids is 500L. One skid is provided with a counter-rotating agitator and a mixer at the tank bottom with recirculation in the tank, and the other skid is provided with an anchor agitator and a cowler at the tank bottom.   

As the skids are monoblock, all the required elements are built-in, for example, vacuum control with a pump, closed circuit for cooling/heating, resistance heating and cooling with a welded plate heat exchanger. 

For maintenance tasks, the top of the tank is lifted by hydraulic cylinders. 

There is also a loading system with weight control for vacuum loading of solids and addition of the purified water from the loop. 

The skid is automated with a PLC and an operator panel with the function of recipe modification. The skid is also provided with frequency inverters for the agitation processes. 

Skid for pharmaceutical gel

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Skid for pharmaceutical gel

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