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New business opportunities

New business opportunities

In 2006, INOXPA founded its branch in Russia, Inoxrus, for the distribution of components. Over the past six years, Inoxrus has achieved a good penetration of the INOXPA brand into the market of components through a distribution network basically consisting of wholesale distributors and OEMs.

This model of success begins to show signs of exhaustion due to the increasing aggressive price competition from East Asia importing big volumes of products with low added value. Therefore, it has been decided to redirect the sales of components avoiding the dealer and attacking directly the end customer.

To implement this strategy, INOXPA and its Russian partner, Star-M, decided to create a joint venture called "Starinox". The Russian partner has a business profile as explained above.  Basing on their structure and experience and adding the support that INOXPA can provide as manufacturer, we are expecting to boost the sales of INOXPA components in Russia.

Meanwhile, the personnel of Inoxrus, with more technical profiles, will be oriented to pumps and agitators, as well as solutions and projects. 

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