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Consortium Project with VITEC and the GRAMONA and CASTELO DE MEDINA wineries.

INOXPA, in association with the Technology Centre VITEC and the aforementioned wineries, is participating in a joint project within the wine sector. This project goes under the name ‘IMPROVING AROMATIC STABILITY AND EXTENDING THE OPTIMAL CONSUMPTION PERIOD FOR XAREL·LO, VERDEJO AND SAUVIGNON BLANC WHITE WINES’: OPTIBLANC 2015.

The OPTIBLANC 2015 project has received funding from MINECO, the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

Its aim is to extend the optimal consumption period for white wines from the main producing areas (the Penedés, Rueda and Cava Designations of Origin), boosting the main varietal markers which characterise the Xarel·lo, Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc grapes by enhancing positive impact aromas as well as applying manufacturing, bottling and oxygen monitoring processes which ensure that the aroma and freshness characteristics that consumers demand last longer.

INOXPA's participation in this project focuses on 2 aspects:

- gas handling in winemaking. The elimination of dissolved oxygen using hydrophobic membrane technology. Optimisation and adaptation of hydrophobic membrane technology working conditions to Xarel·lo, Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc grape varieties. Deoxygenation of Xarel·lo, Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc white wines under the conditions of the respective winery. Development of industrial equipment to minimise the addition of oxygen to must and wine.

- gas handling in bottling: elimination of dissolved oxygen, carbonation and inerting. The effect of the increased CO2 concentration on each wine's impact aromas.

All the above is to be achieved using the WineBrane skid as well as other components (pumps).

This is a 3½-year project which is expected to conclude in December 2018.

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