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INNOVA, the new valve family

Discover the new family of pneumatically actuated single and double seat valves

Pumps with new surface finish

INOXPA announces the launch of the pumps with the new matt finish


INOXPA, a global company with local roots

We function as both a local and a global company at the same time. This may seem to be a contradiction in terms, but it is not. In order to become a reputed multinational company, we must also invest in local markets, converting them into centres where both production and consumption take place.


INOXPA promotes the innovation of production materials and the generation of wealth in all of the markets where it operates and has manufacturing capacity. These accomplishments at local level strengthen the company as a whole. This is known as internationalisation, a concept that we have already embraced at INOXPA, given that no modern-day company can survive without having global presence. If companies do not internationalise, then they will not survive.

Any company that is not capable of expanding beyond their local market is doomed to fail. INOXPA is seeking to expand internationally in a global market which presents many opportunities. The company is focussing on markets with high potential for future growth, owing to their large populations, expansive surface area and wealth of natural resources. The BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries, among others, fall into this category.

Technological advances made at the headquarters in Banyoles are communicated to the rest of the production centres around the world. These advances could not be achieved, however, without the inputs sent to us from our centres in Eastern Europe, Asia, North Africa, the United States, South Africa, Australia, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, England, Portugal, India, China, and the rest of Spain. We can consider the INOXPA Group as one single body, where the vitality of the body is measured as much by the strength of its heart as by the total power of all its parts together.


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