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Agitators: food grade oil

Agitators: food grade oil

All geared motors of INOXPA agitators use H1 (incidental food contact) food grade oil registered by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). This international organisation audits product manufacturing processes to determine whether a product complies with specific safety, quality, and sustainability standards. 

The name “food grade oil” is given to any industrial lubricant considered safe in the event of incidental food contact with products that may be consumed by humans or animals, as long as they remain below a certain concentration. 

Incidental contact generally occurs without warning and can involve dripping, contact, or spillage. Agitators can leak or spill the oil that is inside the agitator's geared motor and it may come into contact with the product inside the tank. 

This aspect of quality and safety is essential in our industry that differentiates us from the manufacturers of industrial agitators.

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