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New INOXPA pilot plant is open for trials

New INOXPA pilot plant is open for trials

The refurbishment of the plant started in 2015 and was finished by the end of the same year. The installation of the equipment and all necessary services for its successful operation was completed during the first quarter of 2016.

The Pilot Plant is established at INOXPA headoffice in Banyoles as a result of both external and internal demand.   

It meets the internal demand for a testing facility for new equipment designed by the R+D team in order to obtain verified results in terms of performance and possible applications.

It also offers our customers an opportunity to test a wide range of INOXPA equipment with real products and obtain outcomes that can be extrapolated to industrial production. Thus, the customer can choose the skid or solution for each particular need, all the necessary tests can be conducted in the Pilot Plant prior to purchasing the skid for their production lines.

The plant is designed for production trials and it simulates real working and hygienic conditions of the pharmaceutical and food-processing industries.

The industrial building of the Pilot Plant with the floor area of 1900 m2 is totally refurbished. It also houses the pump testing facility and the showroom. 

The following skids and solutions designed by INOXPA are now available for trials:   

•      High shear “multitooth” mixer ME-8110X

•      Vertical blender ME226

•      Vertical blender ME440

•      Table blender (MM-1M, MM-2M)

•      In-line mixer ME4105

•      In-line mixer ME4110

•      Vertical mixer ME1101

•      Lifting column with BMI-series cowler agitator

•      Progressive cavity pump Kiber KSF30

•      Rotary lobe pump SLR3-50

•      Side channel pump Aspir A80

•      Counter-rotating blender MCR-50

•      Melting vat,150L

•      Blender skid MIX4 (with anchor, cowls, tank bottom mixer)

•      Double cone solids blender MBC160

•      WineBrane, skid for gas management and alcohol removal in wine

•       Cleaning system CIP

The following services required for proper functioning of the pilot plant are available:

•      Steam boiler

•      Hot water and cold water circuits for skids with double jacket

•      Compressed air

•      Vacuum pump

•      CIP system

•      Waste water purification and filtration system

And also laboratory tools for the evaluation of the samples and test results:

•      Optical microscope

•      Viscometer

•      Precision balances

•      Drying oven

•      Fume hood

•      Calibrated thermometers


The Pilot plant is open for production trials and our customers are invited to carry out all the necessary tests to choose the best solution for every particular need.

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