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PIGGING SYSTEM - Highest hygiene and efficiency

PIGGING SYSTEM - Highest hygiene and efficiency

The INOXPA PIGGING SYSTEM recovers products that remain in the pipework after each production run, enabling the recovery of up to 98% of leftover product. 

Minimise product losses and reduce production costs 

This fully hygienic system facilitates cleaning as well as bringing about savings in water and chemical products, thus clearly reducing cleaning costs.

The sphere or "PIG" can pass through standard bends with R=1.5D, adapting far more easily to rounded bends than traditional projectile systems. It boasts great versatility as it adapts to any installation, so that it can recover product no matter how complex the course of the pipe. 

It's a great partner when it comes to preserving the environment since the system prevents the discharge of contaminants, thus reducing wastewater treatment costs. 

New recovery system 

The traditional method for recovering products in an installation after production or cleaning normally consists of pushing the product that remains in the line with a clean liquid or fluid.

These methods generate significant product losses, which also increases the discharge of non-recoverable substances.

INOXPA offers two different pigging solutions: SILPIG and STERIPIG. 

The two systems are mostly used for viscous products. SilPig is used for the food processing industry. Examples being chocolate, jams, custards, jellies, and creams. On the other hand, SteriPig is particularly suitable for sterile processes such as those involving gels, emulsifying ointments, or high-value products often used in the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industry.

In both cases, the process starts by placing the sphere in the launching position.Then the sphere is driven by a propellant (normally compressed air) down the pipeline to the receiver.  As it moves, it pushes the product in the pipes so that it can be collected. Once the PIG has arrived to the receiver, the entire installation can be cleaned by CIP. The major advantage is the PIG can be cleaned during the CIP routine, ensuring a complete hygienic system. When the run is complete, the sphere returns to the launching station and the installation is ready for the next production cycle. 

Benefits and uses 

This system is suitable for a wide range of industries: food processing, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals to name but a few. 

The system is increasingly used in the food processing industry thanks to the reduction in cleaning and wastewater treatment costs, which enables the faster amortisation of the plant equipment. 

More importantly the system can be installed in existing plants, without the need for major re-design or additional process pipeline.


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