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Pumps with new surface finish

Pumps with new surface finish

INOXPA announces the launch of the pumps with the new matt finish, thus almost all the pumps of the INOXPA pump range follow the same aesthetic line:

Centrifugal pumps (Prolac HCP, Hyginox, Estampinox), self-priming  pumps (Prolac HCP-SP, Aspir),  helicoidal impeller pumps (RV), flexible impeller pumps (RF) and progressive cavity (Kiber).

The external finish of all the stainless steel parts will be matt (stainless steel bead blasting).The same finish will be applied to trolleys, bypasses, etc.

The internal finish is the same as before.

The change is being implemented gradually as the stock of the bright polished parts gets exhausted.

The technical sales department is at your disposal for any further information.

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