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in the meat and spice industry, South Africa.


Gel mixing. 


The system comprises of two 300 L tanks, one mixing and one vacuum tank.

The mixing tank is loaded with water, the scraper agitator is turned on, then the powders are added in, and the BMI agitator with cowler is turned on. The product is circulated through an ME4100 in-line mixer via a KSF30 progressive cavity pump. The product is mixed for 30 minutes.

This viscous mixture, 12,000 cPs, is then pumped over to the vacuum tank. The scraper agitator is turned on, and the vacuum pump is started to reach 5 mBar. This also runs for 30 minutes, (while a new batch is being produced in the mixing tank) then the gel is pumped out to the extruder unit, and the fresh mix pumped into the vacuum tank.

The control panel is provided with a safety interlock that turns off the agitators if one of the manholes is opened.

Equipment: 2 x 1,5 kW KSF30 progressive cavity pumps, 1 x 4 kW ME4100 in-line mixer, 1 x 4 kW BMI vertical agitator, 2 x 0,37 kW scraper type agitators, 1 x 0,75 kW vacuum pump (Busch).

The frame and tank legs had to be open channel as per client’s request.


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Gel mixing

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